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QTOA links arms with The Racing League

We’re excited to announce the Queensland Thoroughbred Owners Association and The Racing League are linking arms in an initiative aimed at growing ownership numbers across Queensland.

The Racing League is Australia’s leading micro-ownership platform that plays its role as Racing’s ownership incubator. Affording a new audience of owners to enter the sport, have a great experience, then position them to grow their ownership experiences via more substantial ownership opportunities.

The Racing League is giving you the opportunity to refer a friend that you’d love to get involved in thoroughbred ownership.

Simply refer your friend to and let them live what you know they will love. Get your friend to enter the code QTOA in the promo code box at check out with their full name and they will receive a free membership to the Queensland Thoroughbred Owners Association.

If they don’t love horse ownership a month in, they can walk away with their $260 fully refunded.

“We have seen time and time again that a new participant will taste ownership for the first time with us, they will fall in love with the thoroughbred and the sport. They will then so often graduate to traditional ownership. Sometimes with the trainers they have met through their micro experience, or sometimes through a local trainer or another trainer of their choice”, said TRL CEO Steve Brown.

“The really important thing is we get as many Queenslanders as we can exposed to the mesmerising life experience that comes with owning a quality racehorse. If we deliver them a great communications experience, a great race day experience and expensive horses made affordable (that can quite often gallop), then people are hooked on ownership for life.

On behalf of the Queensland Thoroughbred Owners Association and The Racing League, we’re excited to bring this initiative to life and look forward to our valued members embracing the opportunity to grow ownership across the state. If each current owner introduced just one new owner to the sport, racing in this state will have changed forever.


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