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QTOA’s vision is to be the number one thoroughbred owner body protecting and enhancing the rights of all thoroughbred owners while enjoying the thrill of racing.

The Queensland Thoroughbred Owners Association will further and protect the rights of Thoroughbred owners in Queensland, promote the enjoyment & excitement that thoroughbred racehorse ownership brings, ensure that Thoroughbreds are treated responsibly, respectfully and ethically both during and after their racing careers.

QTOA’s has 10 key objectives

  1. Promote the interests of thoroughbred racehorse owners across Queensland, regardless of their location or ownership interest 

  2. Improve the thoroughbred racehorse owner experience through targeted rights and benefits campaigns

  3. Promote the ownership of thoroughbred racehorses in all parts of Queensland

  4. Give thoroughbred owners an outlet to provide feedback, issues, ideas, advice and consultation to the thoroughbred racehorse racing authorities 

  5. Acknowledge, protect and respect the life of the thoroughbred racehorse

  6. Hold events for exclusive benefit new and existing thoroughbred racehorse owners

  7. Provide thoroughbred racehorse owners with representation in industry events, important consultation, and forums at every level of thoroughbred racehorse racing

  8. Engage with all levels of government, statutory bodies, and other government entities in furtherance of these objects

  9. Engage with thoroughbred racehorse racing industry participants including trainers, jockeys, breeders, and race clubs in the furtherance of these objects

  10. Raise funds for the purposes of the association in connection with our Vision, Mission & Key Objectives

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