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QTOA Chairman’s Report with Peter Tighe – October

As lovers of racing, we all recognise and acknowledge that the ‘experience’ is one of the most important parts of being an owner.

Results are great and something that we all hope for when buying into a horse, but the ownership experience is something that can be enhanced win, lose or draw.

This is an area the QTOA have been working on and continually discussing with race clubs over the past 12 months.

How can we enhance the ownership experience for our owners whenever they are at the races?

The introduction of our new QTOA Member “Maroon Card” is set to help with this area for both members and race clubs alike.

The card, which will arrive in the hands of our members in November, gives owners something physical to show they are an owner in order to gain access to race day areas and benefits.

This also helps race clubs identify which individuals are owners so they can distinguish between members and the like.

We’re excited about this initiative which is just the start of our efforts to enhance the offering for owners.

In addition to the QTOA reciprocal access we’ve been working on (CLICK HERE to view our updated race day benefits), many of our Queensland race clubs have been responsive to either creating or improving existing areas dedicated just for owners.

We will continue to keep striving for a better experience for our QTOA members.

As a top off to the Maroon Card, there are some outstanding benefits for our members in the new QTOA Booklet which gives members access to some great discounts.

If you haven’t already, get in now and order you new owners card and Booklet by BECOMING A FULL MEMBER Full Membership – (Voting Member). It’s only $99pa!


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