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We know you as an owner and would like to know about your involvement in owning a racehorse, and your involvement in the racing industry. What started you out? Tell us a bit about your history in the industry, what involvement you do have, and what gives you the enjoyment of racing a horse?

Having a Father and Mother that were involved in racehorse ownership and both loved a punt I was introduced to the racing world from an early age. My love of horses has had me participating in rodeos, campdrafting and training horses for picnic race meetings at different periods of my life. At this stage I mainly syndicate horses that I purchase at yearling sales and am very involved with the Central Queensland Amateur Race Club (Rocky Amateurs) holding the position of Chairman over the last 7 years. Our club is very proud of introducing the first slot race to Queensland called the Archer which has exceeded all our expectations following the first running in May last year. Nothing compares with watching a horse you are involved with hitting the line first and racing with mates is just a fantastic way to do it.

Does your family enjoy racing as well? Tell us a bit about them and what involvement they have?

My father always had a broodmare or two and used to run them on a property outside of Tamworth where he produced a very good filly which he raced under the name of Sufficient.Nevile Begg in Sydney was his trainer and told dad she was the 2nd best filly/mare he trained after Emancipation. He also owned a Stradbroke winner called Mullala in 1963 trained by Bart Sinclair's father.

You are obviously passionate about racing. Can you tell us where you think this passion came from andwhen it started?

I was taken to race meetings from a very young age ranging from Longreach in western Queensland to Randwick and Rosehill. I was always told when I was very young if I couldn't find my parents at Randwick to stand under the fig tree at the gate between the public and members which just happened to be where all the rails bookmakers would be operating. Attending boarding school in Sydney when my parents were down Sunday would always include a visit to Neville Beggs stables where I met Eduardo Cojuangco on his first visit to Australia who went on to be a major force in racing under the Gooree banner.

How many horses are you involved in? Do you race them with family or friends, or in partnerships orsyndicates? Tell us about them and any experiences you've had.

These days I usually have shares in around 6 or 7 horses at a time. Over the years I have put together a collection of fellow racing enthusiasts who regularly take shares in the yearlings and tried horses I purchase. They live all over from Townsville to Sydney. Their love of racing and attitude makes even a bad result at the track fun and enjoyable. A large portion of them regularly make the trip to the Rockhampton yearling sales weekend which has become known as "Schoolies"

Tell us where they based?

Horses are normally based at Eagle Farm, Sunshine Coast and Rockhampton.

Tell us out of the horses that you are involved in, which ones are, or have been your favourites, andwhy?

My Favourite horse was a horse called Pegunny Roy. I have had better horses, but he was such a character who was a front running speedster who gave everything he had every time. He used to run into the barriers and jockeys regularly came back with paint on there right boot where he used to lean on the rail around the home turn.

What is the best horse you have ever seen race?

The obvious one is Winks but I will always remember Kingston Town. He had the biggest turn of foot I have ever seen and his ability to win races from 1000m to 3200m sets him apart from the rest.

Have you ever been to the races overseas? If so, where abouts?

Lexington Kentucky, Sha Tin and Happy Valley Hong Kong, Singapore, Sao Paulo Brazil.

Brazil was fascinating mainly because it was such a culture shock and such a different format to anywhere else.

Tell us what is the best racetrack and facilities you have visited, and why you think it rates so highly in your opinion?

Moonee Valley is my personal pick. I love the closeness and atmosphere even at a low-key meeting.

What race do you dream of winning? Tell us what makes you want that trophy on your shelf?

Cox Plate would be amazing, but I would love to win the Archer now.


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