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Chairman's Report with Peter Tighe: February 2023

The QTOA is excited to announce the launch of our new website as we look to enhance our communication offering to members into 2023 and beyond. The new website features all the latest news on the QTOA as well as information on our board, upcoming member events as well highlighting all the various benefits of becoming a QTOA member. We will be looking to continually add to the website in the coming weeks and months as we aim to keep members informed and better tell the story of the owner.

Every owner has a story on their racing experience, whether it is winning a Group 1 or a maiden in the bush, the thrill of winning a race is so exciting for owners. With that in mind, we want to play a role in capturing some of those stories to tell more people about how great the industry is. We would love you to take a look at the new site. Our new website forms part of our five key priorities for the organisation in 2023.

The committee recently spent some time together to flesh out the detail required to support all owners and members across the state. The 5 key priorities will give the organisation some real focus leading into 2023 and we will report back to members on these priorities throughout the year. The 5 key priorities are; • Advocacy - Represent all owners across the state while surveying members on important modern racing issues. • Membership Growth – The Association has to build its own database and therefore needs owners to sign up so they can provide updates and information when required. • Communication – Transparency across multiple media platforms and a new website. • Commercial – Secure new revenue streams while growing existing membership and sponsorship. • Relevance & Inclusion – represent owners on advisory panels, stakeholder groups and with government to make sure owners have a voice. The committee also recently agreed on a revised membership structure which is now available on the website for new members to join.

The three new categories are:

- Full Membership $99

- Organisation Membership $660

- Perpetual Membership (Individual) $1650

- Social membership (Free, non voting)

There’s never been a better time to race horses in Queensland and we encourage all owners, trainers and breeders to sign up to the association so we can represent all owners across the state!

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Joe Ireland
Joe Ireland
Mar 01, 2023

Still no movement on the regional prize money north of sunshine coast , have heard all the old stories about turnover but the amount of Tuesday TAB dates for Toowoomba is not quite the same as Rockhampton , Mackay, Townsville, Cairns , but this doesn't seem to matter to the powers to be very sad just look at the size of Rocky Race fields lately people are fed

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