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QTOA Chairman's Report July

On behalf of the QTOA Committee, I am delighted to share the outcomes of the owners survey we conducted recently. Your overwhelming response and valuable feedback have been instrumental in shaping our discussions with the new CEO of Racing Queensland, Jason Scott. I am pleased to report that the meeting with Jason was another positive step in our growing relationship with Racing Queensland.

The survey findings, which were shared with Jason, served as a strong foundation for our discussions. Jason was interested in the views expressed by our membership base, and he welcomed the evidence-based approach that the survey provided. Your insights on various aspects of Queensland racing, including prizemoney, facilities, communication, industry support, and the raceday experience played a crucial role in steering the conversation towards meaningful and constructive avenues for improvement.

In our meeting, Jason acknowledged the importance of racehorse owners' perspectives and highlighted the significance of the QTOA as a representative body for the betterment of Queensland Racing. He expressed his commitment to fostering a transparent and collaborative relationship with our association, recognising that a united front will propel the industry to greater heights.

Beyond the positive impact on our dialogue with Racing Queensland, the survey findings have proven invaluable to the QTOA as we move forward. Understanding the wants and needs of our membership base is central to our mission, and your candid responses have provided us with a clear roadmap for future initiatives and advocacy efforts.

As promised, we are pleased to share an overview of the survey results with you. You can access the summary report through the following link:

We believe that transparency is vital in our association, and sharing this information with you allows you to see how your contributions have influenced our discussions and decisions.

I want to express our appreciation to everyone who participated in the survey. Together, we have shown that the QTOA is a united and powerful voice, and our efforts will continue to shape the future of the industry in Queensland.

Moving forward, we will keep you informed about the progress of our initiatives and engagements with Racing Queensland. Your support is vital to our endeavours, and we encourage you to continue sharing your ideas and perspectives with us.

Wishing you all the best on and off the track.


The Queensland Racing Industry Support Program has launched a new website -

QRISP is always looking for ways to help all our industry people throughout Queensland and is a great initiative led by Australian Trainers Association - Qld Executive Cameron Partington.

Boosting morale and enhancing the well-being of industry stakeholders is also one of QRISP's goals, encouraging them to enjoy things aways from racing for both themselves and their families.


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