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Winter Carnival Fashion Tips: Galloping in style with Wil Valor

As the days grow cooler and the leaves change colors, the excitement for the Brisbane Racing Club Winter Carnival is palpable. This prestigious equine event sees not only the finest racehorses and jockeys competing on the track, but also showcases the most glamorous and stylish spectators at the racecourse. In this season of high stakes and haute couture, it is essential to be well-informed about the clothing etiquette that governs these events, and the esteemed design house of Wil Valor can help you make a lasting impression.

The Brisbane Racing Club has always desired for everyone is dressed to the nines for this sophisticated affair. Ladies are encouraged to don their best winter ensembles, complete with elegant hats and fascinators, while gentlemen are expected to suit up in tailored jackets, ties, and polished shoes.

With the temperatures dipping, this is the perfect time to showcase a rich and opulent wardrobe, featuring luxurious fabrics, bold patterns, and rich hues. Cashmere and tweed are particularly popular choices for the season, lending a timeless yet contemporary flair to your ensemble. But be wary of going overboard, as sophistication lies in finding the perfect balance between elegance and exuberance.

This is where Wil Valor steps in, offering not just premium-quality clothing but also their expertise in crafting the perfect race day outfit. Their team of skilled stylists and tailors will guide you through the latest trends and fashion statements, ensuring that you make the best-dressed list and working within the dress code. Whether you're in need of a striking suit or a stylish shoe, Wil Valor has you covered.

Furthermore, Wil Valor recognizes that the Winter Carnival is a celebration of unity and camaraderie, which is why they offer group consultations and packages for friends and family. (Enquire Within)

In the world of horse racing, style is as important as the competition itself. Don't let the chill of the winter months put a damper on your fashion game; embrace the season with the help of Wil Valor and make your mark at the Winter Carnival. When the thunder of hooves meets the elegance of haute couture, you'll be glad you trusted the experts.

Offer – A Complimentary Tailor Made Shirt with every tailored suit or jacket.

Silver Package – A tailored shirt, suit, tie and pocket hank - $2200

Gold Package – A tailored shirt, suit, tie and pocket hank - $3000

Platinum Package - A tailored shirt, suit, tie and pocket hank - $4500

Custom Packages available upon request

Each package determine by fabric selection.


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